"We crave for the love we think we deserve.
We desire for comfort in a place we call home.
We ask for satisfaction in things that we may not reach.
We question of trusts when we betrays.
We say its the circle of life,
Young ones, no,
It is life."
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i’m so glad that i serve a God that shows me how wrong my own ways are and then brings me back to Him with open, loving arms. thankful that His love doesn’t care what pulls me away or how far i try to run because it is steadfast and relentless.

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Just remember in about 40 seconds someone is about to commit suicide as we sit here blogging. This post goes out to the teens who took and will take their lives. Please just reblog this post to recognize them and don’t question whether or not you should. I promise it won’t ruin your blog type.

Reblog for Suicide Prevention Day

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